Spiky Maps

A great visual from last week over at Urban Catrography – New York’s daytime and nighttime population:

Larger version available here.

Not only can you see the obvious employment centers in downtown and midtown Manhattan, but also note the small daytime population along the various waterfronts and dock areas that have no population at night – reminding us that the port functions soldier on.


3 Responses to “Spiky Maps”

  1. Garlynn -- Undergroundscience.blogspot.com Says:

    Any idea what the data source for the map is?

  2. Alex Block Says:

    I’m not sure of the exact data source – you’d have to go over to Urban Cartography and ask. However, based on the map, I’d say it’s probably from the census – certainly for the population. Not sure about the employment numbers, that data at that level of detail might be from someplace else.

  3. Garlynn -- Undergroundscience.blogspot.com Says:

    That was my thought, too, but I wanted to confirm…

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