More warehousing

Building off the previous posts on warehouses and their districts, I have some more pictures from my most recent (and a few older ones as well) trip to Minneapolis, focusing on the Warehouse District.


Two main streets define the Warehouse District – Washington Avenue and 1st Avenue.  These streets run perpendicular to each other.  Washington runs (kinda) East-West (Minneapolis’ street grid downtown is skewed off axis, orienting towards the Mississippi River) and 1st runs North-South.

First Avenue is closer to the core of downtown, and the warehouses there are more ornate and quicker to redevelop.  At the southern end of 1st Ave is Minneapolis’ arena, the Target Center, as well as the legendary music venue, First Avenue:


You can almost hear Prince doing a soundcheck inside.

Washington Avenue is revitalizing as the new North Loop neighborhood, but it’s still a raw place:


There’s been plenty of new investment in the area, both in renovations and new construction:



New developments are adding retail to the area, complementing some older establishments:



And all this time, industry rolls on in the area:



And there are plenty of vestiges from past industries – Creamette, International Harvester,



And a little outside of the Warehouse District proper – the old Grain Belt Brewery:



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